Covering costs without a profit motive

Global Accreditation Assessment forum Series(GAAFS) is acting in the interests of the state, the economy and consumers: It works to cover its costs but does not aim to make a profit.

The cost regulation for the accreditation body

Global Accreditation Assessment forum Series(GAAFS) charges fees and expenses for the public authority services it renders in line with the accreditation and surveillance of conformity assessment bodies. Fees are assessed so as to cover Global Accreditation Assessment forum Series(GAAFS)’s entire personnel and material requirements.

The exact costs for an accreditation procedure are calculated on the basis of a Regulation on Costs of Activities of the Accreditation Body. Fee rates will depend on various factors, such as the complexity of the accreditation procedure, the scope of the accreditation or the size of the applicant organisation. Additional fees will be payable if several assessors, specialist units, divisions or public authorities are involved in the process.

Non-public authority activities

Global Accreditation Assessment forum Series(GAAFS) is also authorised to carry out accreditation activities outside the validity of the Accreditation Body Act and the Regulation (EC) No. 765/2008. Invoices issued for these non-public authority activities are based on the fee schedule for Global Accreditation Assessment forum Series(GAAFS) international activities, as prepared by Global Accreditation Assessment forum Series(GAAFS).