How to become Accreditated

Global Accreditation Assessment forum Series(GAAFS) accepts applications for accreditation from “Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) and Further Education & Training Institutions (FETI)” (referred as an “Applicant”) around the world.

The application process for the Global Accreditation Assessment forum Series(GAAFS) accreditation is as follows:
  • Applicant to download Accreditation Scheme Manual and the Application Pack
  • Applicant reads and understands Global Accreditation Assessment forum Series(GAAFS)’s Accreditation Scheme Manual especially the Requirements for Granting and Maintaining Accreditation and the current fee structure
  • Applicant makes sure that they comply with the relevant requirements of ISO/ IEC 17021:2006 and other accreditation requirements such as “Responsible Education Provider”™ as specified by Global Accreditation Assessment forum Series(GAAFS) in their Accreditation Scheme Manual and that they have essential resources to undertake activities throughout the scope requested and will pay all fees to Global Accreditation Assessment forum Series(GAAFS), whether or not accreditation is granted.
  • Upon receipt of the Application Forms and Requisite Fees, Global Accreditation Assessment forum Series(GAAFS) reviews the application documents against the relevant accreditation criteria and provides a report to the applicant. The next stage of assessment will not progress until the documented systems meet necessities.
  • Applicant CAB makes all necessary arrangements for conducting the office and witness assessment including access to all areas, records and personnel.
  • Global Accreditation Assessment forum Series(GAAFS) selects an assessment team who undertake an on-site assessment at the applicant’s offices and other locations as appropriate. At the completion of the assessments the assessment team writes a report of their findings along with recommendations to the Accreditation Approval Committee (AAC).
  • The AAC reviews the report and makes a decision regarding accreditation.
  • If accreditation is approved a Certificate of Accreditation is allotted to the applicant on signing the Accreditation Agreement.
  • If accreditation is not approved, the applicant is advised of the reasons for the decision. A further application may be considered at a later date.
  • Once an applicant is accredited consistent visits are made to assess the Accredited Organization’s ongoing compliance with the accreditation criteria.
  • A complete reassessment takes place each three years.